noth|ing [ `nʌθıŋ ] pronoun ***
1. ) not anything:
There was nothing in the room except for a mattress.
She waited and watched, but nothing happened.
nothing at all: I knew nothing at all about taking care of babies.
nothing else: The smoke alarms were working, but it seemed nothing else was.
nothing new/strange/wrong etc.: I saw nothing strange in the situation.
There's nothing wrong with tourism it's good for business.
nothing to do/eat/drink etc.: The kids complain that there's nothing to do there.
Some of them had had nothing to eat for three days.
2. ) not anything that is important or worth thinking about:
You're just making a big fuss about nothing.
Do I mean nothing to you?
A minor headache is nothing to get too worried about.
nothing much: What did you do while I was gone? Nothing much.
3. ) no money:
The car is worth nothing now.
next to nothing (=almost nothing): We stayed with our friends, so our vacation cost next to nothing.
4. ) INFORMAL used in a score to mean zero :
Our team beat the Eagles, four-nothing.
be nothing if not
used for emphasizing that someone or something has a lot of a particular quality:
He is nothing if not enthusiastic.
be nothing like
to not be similar to someone or something in any way:
Her two daughters are nothing like each other.
be nothing short of/less than something
used for emphasizing how great or extreme something is:
The state of our health service is nothing short of a scandal.
Her victory was nothing less than remarkable.
for nothing
1. ) without any payment:
Some of the men volunteered to work for nothing.
I'm a club member, so I can get tickets for nothing.
2. ) without a reason or purpose:
Why did you call me down here for nothing?
if nothing else
used for mentioning what you think may be the only good aspect of something or the only good reason for doing something:
Andrea's work has always been very neat, if nothing else.
it's nothing/think nothing of it SPOKEN
used as a polite reply when someone has thanked you for doing something for them:
It's very kind of you to bring me home. Think nothing of it.
nothing but
They've shown us nothing but kindness.
He has nothing but praise for the managers at his company.
You're nothing but a thief.
nothing doing INFORMAL
used for refusing a request or saying that something is not possible
nothing of the kind/sort
used for emphasizing that you disagree with someone's statement, or that you refuse to let someone do something:
I'll just stay here then. You'll do nothing of the kind.
there's nothing better/worse/more exciting etc. than
used for emphasizing how good/bad/exciting etc. something is:
There's nothing more exciting than seeing your name in print.
There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night.
there's nothing to something
used for saying that something is not true:
There's nothing to the rumors about an affair.
there's nothing like something
used for saying that something is very good, enjoyable, or effective:
There's nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day.
there's nothing to it SPOKEN
used for saying that something is very easy to do:
Here, just press this button. There's nothing to it.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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